"Your Cover Tunes are GREAT!
You've played every single one of my favorites and your renditions are F%$@#!g Amazing!"


“I wanted to let you all know that you have received 100% positive feedback from everybody at the July 4th show!
Yes all of the personality, heart and quality musical craftsmanship has once again been appreciated by many people.
The good word is circulating rapidly in regards to how much fun we all had with you all there. Your show and musical talent has made an impression that will be remembered by us folks forever.
Beautiful work Butterfly Breakdown! Thank you and please know we will consider you again for all of our future events.” 


“We loved Butterfly Breakdown's performance for our (Cascade Cliffs) winery's anniversary party - everyone there was so impressed.
Talk about a perfect match! The music, feel, atmosphere, climate, great wine!!!
Thank you Butterfly Breakdown"